Bemberg Linings

All of our suits come with complimentary industry standard Bemberg lining. They’re made of natural breathable fibers with moisture controlling technology, which means utmost comfort regardless of the weather conditions. It feels cool in the summer and reduces static buildup in the winter, meeting the highest level of the functional requirements of a lining.

In addition to its functional features, you have the option to choose from hundreds of classic and modern designs, whether it be minimal silhouette colors, traditional artwork or funky polka dots, you can never truly run out of choices.


Moisture Control

High Quality Natural Fibre


Have a look at some of the design choices we accommodate:

Get A Personalized Suit

Schedule a fitting for a bepoke suit or if you’re not quite sure and would like to know more have a look at our process.

The ANS Team are always at the end of the phone no matter where you are in the world, always prepared to help, when sizes are on record they can expedite, they can deal with those special occasions right through to those little emergencies, great customer service that pulls you back time and time again, they really are set up as your personal tailor. 

A wide range of fashions catering for all personal tastes, traditional to the modern trend, always putting the customer first it is natural for them to make you feel that little extra special, with superb tailoring and at a price that reflects more than the high quality that never fails to impress.

– Chris Parsons

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