Most tailored and ready made shirts come with polyester plastic buttons while the importance of buttons are often ignored. In a custom suit, buttons are an integral element that not only enhance the look of the attire but also instill a sense of luxury and sophistication. The ability to choose the buttons from a wide range of options amplifies the complete experience of getting a custom tailored suit. We offer a selection of buttons made from buffalo horns and trochus shells, each unique in its own regard.

Here’s a sample of the button choices we provide:

Brown Horn

Dark Brown Horn

Black Horn

White/Cream Pearl

Burgundy/Brown Pearl

Dark Blue Pearl

Medium Blue Pearl

Dark Grey Pearl

Buffalo Horn

Bufallo Horns were the first kind of buttons used in the history of fashion. It enjoyed widespread popularity between the 14th and early 20th century. Over time, it became a symbol of exclusivity. One of the special features of them are that no two buffalo horns are the same – each one is unique with its own pattern and texture. They’re durable, stylish and an excellent conversation starter.


Buttons made from shells are both practical and novel. They have a slight gloss finish and each one of them has a distinct reflective appearance. Naturally, they’re white and grey but we also offer dyed burgundy, blue and navy blue shell buttons.

After choosing a material you can continue to style a suit with different amount of buttons and their placement.

Get A Personalized Suit

Schedule a fitting for a bepoke suit or if you’re not quite sure and would like to know more have a look at our process.

I absolutely love Andy & Anita! I’ve been seeing them annually since 2009 – they plan a whirlwind tour of the U.S. each winter, delighting customers in major cities like NYC, DC, Philly, LA, SF, etc. My then-fiancee recommended these tailors build my wedding outfit, and they did an unbelievable job. They made the tuxedo, vest & tie, as well as a suit and several shirts.

Over the years I’ve come to rely on them for special shirts, pants and blazers. The experience is totally unique – upon meeting them you are greeted with dozens of fabric swatch books. Andy & Anita can advise you on trends, as well as tactical items like collars (spread, cutaway, etc.), fabrics (wools, cottons, tweeds), fit, stitching, monogramming, and more.

I’ve brought many friends and coworkers on both sides of the country – New York and San Francisco – and everyone has been happy. There is so much demand where I work (in Financial District, San Francisco) for quality threads that Andy & Anita set up shop in my office for an entire afternoon!