Handmade Men’s Accessories

Browse our collection of men’s accessories including cufflinks, tie clips, lapel pins, tuxedo studs, neckties, bowties, cummerbonds, handkerchiefs, facemasks, etc. Place an order for a fully custom necktie, bowtie, cummerbond set or facemask at our branches or via email.

All custom accessories are handmade by skilled tailors with attention to detail. Orders are accepted with fabrics in stock or send us your own fabric to have one commissioned. We also stock a variety of shawls and handmade & painted scarves.

Cummerbond Set

Made to order accessories for your tuxedo. Cummerbonds, bowties & handkerchiefs!


Off the rack neckties too short/long? Order one just that’s just right for you!


Durably finished crotch pads ensure long last lasting seams inside your trouser to maximize usage life. Sport your trousers with confidence.