Bespoke & Made To Measure Overcoats

A waistcoats fine tailored cuts and snug fit with rich fabrics and complementary colours can exude savoir-faire when worn on the right occasion. Although it originally gained popularity in the 17th century as an attire worn inside a blazer, it has over time been increasingly worn as a stand alone article of clothing striking as a fashion statement on its own. However, waistcoats can be tricky. You have to make sure you choose the right earthy tones without taking away from the rest of the attire. Our in house experts will help you choose the right fabrics and colors for your outfit.

Custom Fitted For Layering

Have your overcoat tailored for wearing over other garments.

Commission the length you want!

Design your coat for your needs. Whether it’s for warmer spring or cool winter climates. Tailor your coat between hip, knee, and ankle lengths.

Fabric Brands

We offer hundreds of thousands of fabric options, featuring a wide range of notable world class fabrics, from reasonably priced to premium luxury brands.

Bemberg Linings

All of our suits incorporate industry standard and world renowned bemberg linings. They are soft, breathable but most importantly comfortable.

Quality Buttons

The choice of your suit buttons add flair to your outfit. They compliment your outfit in a very subtle but exigent manner.

Designing Your Overcoats

Getting custom tailored pants means you get to express your individuality with your fabric choice, express your confidence with the perfect fit, and owning pants that would last much longer than a ready-made one.